🤔 What is this challenge?

In partnership with Startup Champions Network, EcoMap Technologies is hosting the Map What Matters Challenge for SCN members and SCN Fall 2022 Summit attendees!

This challenge is an opportunity to try your hand at mapping an ecosystem that matters the most to you using a version of the paradigm EcoMap has developed mapping dozens of ecosystems.

The goal for this challenge is two-fold:

  1. To provide a to think critically about the most impactful resources in your ecosystem and how they might be categorized
  2. To show you just how difficult this work can be to do on your own 😉

In total, you should expect for this challenge to take roughly 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete, depending on your familiarity with your ecosystem’s resources.

Happy Mapping! 🗺️

To learn more about Techniques for Ecosystem Mapping, you can check out a presentation we developed on the topic.

Technique Mapping Presentation (FULL)

🗺️ What Do I Have To Do?

  1. Your organization will use an abridged version of EcoMap’s paradigm (Click here for the challenge template) to map out at least 20 resources and their associated support organizations within your community. Included in the template are 5 examples of what it may look like filled out from your end, using the Fort Worth creative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  2. Submit the link to your completed google sheet–AKA an abridged version of EcoMap’s paradigm via Airtable form (Click here). Remember to make sure link sharing is on to anyone with access to the link!

Map What Matters Submission - Map What Matters Submission Form

  1. Engage with us for a Wrap-Up session in Q1 2023 to discuss lessons learned throughout the challenge. More details TBD.

The deadline for the Map What Matters challenge is December 31st, 2022